Why Online Stores Should Show Testimonials

Modern customers are very knowledgeable these days. Most of them are a bit hesitant about trying or spending money on new products. They rely on testimonials from other customers to determine whether a product is worth their time and money. A big percentage of these testimonials appear on the specific online stores that sell the products clients are interested in buying. The good news is online stores can install apps for showing testimonials from customers.

Three of these apps are:
Each app has its own strengths and weaknesses. Regardless, they do the job you want them to do. They display testimonials that give your products (and services) the solid reputation clients are looking for before buying. Simple Testimonials accepts testimonials from customers. It helps manage the testimonials. It allows the admin to either approve or reject (disapprove) testimonials. It also presents all the approved testimonials on the online store thus making them accessible to all customers.


Kudobuzz Testimonials

Kudobuzz collects and displays testimonials from customers. It gathers all these testimonials from social media sites such as Yelp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. It sends emails automatically. It improves the online store’s search rankings too, especially with Google, thus boosting sales. Kudobuzz has four widgets that enable it to do all this work. It offers more features that include widget localization, review commenting, product upselling, reward reviewers, and questions and answers.


EVM Testimonials Showcase

EVM Testimonials Showcase is a powerful app for showing all testimonials from happy and satisfied customers. It enables users to collect reviews from all past customers too. Its frontend testimonial button makes it easier to collect reviews and testimonials. The app gives admins an easier time moderating all incoming testimonials too. It enables admins to add testimonials manually as well. It enables admins to filter all testimonials customers have submitted. It has a fully customizable layout too.


All the same, the simplicity of the Simple Testimonials app makes it to stand out from the rest. Customers (or the admin) can attach several photos with the testimonials too. All testimonials make their way to a queue from where the admin can look at them before deciding whether to approve or disapprove them. Through the app’s numerous features, the online store will experience an upsurge in terms of increased sales. Traffic to your site also increases significantly, as newer customers read what testimonials say on the products they wish to buy.


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